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Frazer Parfum was founded in 2008 by perfumer Tammy Frazer. One of the few modern perfume houses which creates organic and natural perfume products in the time honoured tradition, Frazer Parfum is synonymous with the untamed majesty of Africa. Collaborating with leading African artists to handcraft all facets of the collection, each perfume is inspired by Tammy’s intrepid journeys to source unique botanicals and precious raw materials. Each scent is uniquely tailored and utterly distinctive. Frazer Parfum remains connected to the source and means of production. Cherishing African craftsmanship and heritage, Frazer Parfum embraces the story and heart of Africa.


Living in Cape Town, South Africa, Frazer returned home a decade ago to launch Frazer Parfum. After completing a Masters Degree in Communication abroad, her thesis navigated corporate and social responsibility. These values have remained threads through Frazer Parfum where we consider the triple bottom line close to the heart of what we do: the social, environmental and economic impact of agribusiness. As the grand-daughter of the inventor of cosmetic giant, Olay her childhood was rich in industry mechanics. Her father worked for Swiss perfume house Givaudan during her childhood which had a profound influence on her love for the manufacturing process of beauty and fragrance products.


Please email all enquiries to shop@frazerparfum.com