This hand crafted perfume is a sensory artwork inspired by the intrepid journeys of bespoke perfumer Tammy Frazer to source unique botanicals and precious raw materials.

We deliver real and thoughtful perfume products which capture the raw earthiness of Africa and are chemical and additive free. This makes them so unique and so unlike other fragrances you may have experienced.

We care about the impact we are imparting on the earth and only manufacture responsible natural perfume products. Minimal richly textured elements come together to evoke scent through the senses. The origami folded Wild cotton box, hemp bound porcelain embossed tag cradle the hand blown glass stoppered fragrance vessel with decant ampule.

All our fragrance profiles are raw, safe and pure using chemotyped essential oils for their most efficacious scents and wellness benefits. Our fragrances are blended to be nurturing and calming with replenishing benefits to enhance serenity. Nature's essences extracted into a bottle to rebalance you.

20 ml - 0.67 fl oz

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This unique scent marks the first ever use of omumbiri, a desert resin sourced from the arid Kunene desert, that has been harvested for centuries

by the nomadic Himba tribe. The fragrance is golden and honeyed, with nutty caramel toffee complemented by notes from the local Mopane tree resin.

Light to start, and warm throughout with a lasting amber trail.